Dr. Rebecca Monley

Committed to developing leaders and teams, empowering people to meet challenges and achieve goals, and teaching skills to improve relationships at home and in the workplace.

Dr. Rebecca MonleyDr. Monley is a Minnesota PhD licensed psychologist, owner of Business and Personal Communications, LLC, and former senior management associate of Corporate Human Services, Inc., a North Dakota based training and consulting firm.  She is a certified mediator who has mediated workplace conflicts for Fortune 500 companies, family-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations.  She does conflict management work with corporations and cities and has published the tape series “I Don’t Care Who Started It” on this topic.  She has trained hundreds of leaders and managers, and their staffs, throughout the Midwest.  She has coached numerous executives and their teams to pull together to meet their goals and solve their problems.  Dr. Monley is in demand as an inspirational speaker as well as a trench-level problem solver.  She is also in demand as a marriage and family therapist with a specialty in adolescence. She is known for her ability to help people realize solutions to today’s problems and develop strategies for tomorrow’s dreams.

Dr. Monley brings expertise and years of experience as a clinician, supervisor, manager and adult educator to her training programs.  A superb trainer and gifted therapist, she has received outstanding evaluations for her fast-paced and practical workshops.  As a licensed psychologist, she has successfully helped hundreds of people with a wide range of difficulties–including sexual and physical abuse, marriage and family problems, and issues of poverty, violence, trauma, depression and anxiety.  Rebecca offers her education and wide range of experiences to help people lead happier, more fulfilled and abundant lives.

About Rebecca

FamilyBesides her work life, Rebecca enjoys her family–her husband Rob, son Cy and wife Christina, son Adam, dog Chopper, and all of her extended family—nieces, nephews, friends.  She loves to garden and bake and bike and walk in the woods and take care of her home. She enjoys her community, and invites everyone to the beautiful lakes in northern Minnesota.



Seminars and keynote presentations are filled with humor and great fun.  Dr. Monley has a serious message to deliver, and she doesn’t shy away from delivering it, but her style is exuberant, her manner playful, and her heart warm.  Her presentations are designed to encourage and inspire everyone to build futures of joy and prosperity.  Dr. Monley is full of vigor and vitality, and gives voice to timely and important messages.  Her intellect is keen, her advice sound.

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